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L&G understands that technology is no longer a choice, it’s a fundamental business strategy that must be interwoven with wider operative-initiatives More business applications, more connected devices, and higher expectations are permanently modifying the vision of the company. Today’s customer, internal or external, expects the same kind of experience in a professional environment that they have with technology in their personal lives. Since 2018 L&G has been seriously optimizing the digital marketing technology, it keeps growing now and in near future it will be main focus of the company.





In accordance with international standards, L&G has adopted an integrated insurance intermediary system known as LIGASYS. This system allows companies to manage all transactions in a very simple way.

LIGASYS can process insurance transcription from client maintenance, insurance placement, premium payment, accounting and claim management in one step. LIGASYS can also produce various reports for internal and external purposes specifically for OJK.

From time to time the system has been improved in meeting current technology. This system is web based, which can be accessed from anywhere at any time. All data is secured in the cloud.

Powerfull Dashboard

Transaction management is easy and transparent

By knowing the process of managing customer / client data, you will easily know the obstacles that occur and can quickly take steps to overcome them.

Ligasys provides a powerful online dashboard to view the history and progress of managing insurance products for clients.

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